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The Art of Taxidermy since 1936

The History

The history of "Taxidermy Codourey" began in 1936 thanks to Joseph Codourey. Passionate about nature and ornithology, Joseph Codourey, began to naturalize birds at the age of 14 years. In 1952 he was hired at the Museum of Natural History in Freiburg where he naturalized many animals still exposed. He attended several training courses at the Bern Museum in Switzerland. For several years he was also a founding member of the Ornithological Association of Freiburg.

In 1977 he left the Freiburg Museum to launch his own taxidermy workshop in Friborg in "La Basse Ville". He worked there many years with his son Raphael whom he formed. He also trained his eldest son Aristide who worked in the canton of Vaud.

In 1981 Joseph and Raphael built a new taxidermy workshop in Corminboeuf.

Since 2005, François Codourey, the son of Raphael, was formed and started the third generation of taxidermists Codourey.

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